The Philippines’ Famous Blue Slot Machine

Everything is possible in the water since it is its own cosmos. While you, dear gambler, spin the reels of the Great Blue, you may see graceful sea turtles and enchanting fish swim by.  While more experienced players may find the animation dull, we assure you that this online slot is well worth your time. Our goal in writing this review was to ensure that you had a positive and enjoyable experience with this slot machine. Read it to gain insight into what it’s like to play the game from actual players’ perspectives. Great Blue is a slot machine that will familiarize players with marine life. The layout of the field is suitable. By spinning the reels, the player may go on a voyage across the deep blue sea and boost their bankroll at the same time. And I hope you all like the game!

Excellent Blue Review Slot Machine

Playtech’s online slot Great Blue is all about those who make their home below the waves. Although it was debuted in 2012, the slot remains a fan favorite thanks to its easy-to-understand rules and respectable payout percentages. There are three rows of icons on a five-reel slot machine. The number of active lines may be changed by the player from 1 to 25, and the stake per line can range from 0.01 to 2 credits, based on the currency used by the online casino. Winning combinations are tallied from the leftmost reel to the rightmost, and for some symbols, even a pair of matching symbols is enough to cash in. To calculate the payoff for a winning combination when playing Great Blue for real money at an online casino, multiply the line wager by the odds displayed for that combination. The expected return is 96.03%.


Upon starting the game, the player is awarded 8 free spins with an x2 win multiplier. In addition, they’ll have to pick two out of five possible shell positions. The player has the option to adjust both the amount of free spins (up to 33) and the multiplier (up to 15). The free-spins bonus round kicks in as soon as the game ends. A killer whale is the most costly animal icon. Playtech introduced a jackpot version of this game in 2018, so it’s also wonderful if you just want to play for pleasure. In any case, the highest payout in this game is 10,000 times your initial wager. Bet the maximum of £2.5 each spin to be eligible for the maximum jackpot of £25,000.

Competent Blue Games

The player must first determine the total wager per spin by adjusting the number of active paylines and the stake per line before the reels may be spun for the first time. The cost of one spin of the reels, measured in a player-selectable unit of currency called credits, is known as the total wager per spin. The user will be presented with the game money denomination when making a wager. The gadget supports both currency and loan transactions. Players wager on individual lines with coins, which are then transformed into credits at the player’s discretion using a predetermined coefficient of value. Before clicking the Auto Start button, you may decide the number of times you want the game to begin automatically by using the “-” and “+” buttons to select a number between one and ninety-nine spins. If you need to pause the autoplay process early, just hit the Stop button.


This slot machine is fun for both seasoned casino goers and newcomers because of its high maximum payout ratio and the ability to win extra bonuses before free spins begin. Even in the regular mode, folding wilds with double payouts allow for enormous sums to be won in real money slot machines, despite the game’s seeming lack of complexity. The maximum payout is potentially over 10,000 times the initial wager. Playing on practice mode is a great way to get a feel for the game and learn the ropes before diving in headfirst. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions Is it possible to win the jackpot?

In contrast to the current 2018 version, which features a jackpot, the original game does not have one.

Can I play this slot machine for free?

Sea Shells is the name of the game you may play.

Is there a trial version I can try out?

This online slot machine game may be played for fun or real money.

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