Sites for Gambling That Accept European Players

When it comes to discussing the European online wagering market, where should we commence? Since the industry’s inception, the European market has not only been at the forefront of introducing new games, wagering methods, and platforms, but has also experienced its fair share of ups and downs.

On this page, we shall refer to the European market in general; however, it goes without saying that each country’s approach to online wagering is notably distinct.

For the time being, however, allow us to revisit a few fundamental factors that are universally applicable when selecting an online wagering platform from Europe.

In Europe, is online gambling permitted?

An answer to this query is not singular in nature. Given the diverse composition of the region comprising numerous countries, it is unsurprising that differing perspectives on online wagering also exist. Although the region exhibits greater progress in terms of the legality of online wagering sites when compared to North America, this is still an ongoing process in many countries. In fact, the regulatory landscape of the gaming industry in Europe resembles that of each U.S. state.

Our comprehensive analysis of the regulatory environment in each country is detailed in each of our country reports. The introduction of the European Union appeared to cause the group to reevaluate its position on numerous issues, including casinos.

Licensing Authorities

Operators may obtain licenses from select European jurisdictions to “legally” operate their online wagering sites. Naturally, this license must still comply with the regulations of each European country; therefore, it serves to safeguard participants against unscrupulous operators who attempt to take their funds.

An online wagering site may submit a license application to the following four European jurisdictions: Alderney, Isle of Man, Malta, and Gibraltar. While it is not mandatory for a site to obtain multiple licenses, some locations have done so, and each location offers its own set of advantages.

Options on Banking in Europe

The region’s level of regulation affords European participants the opportunity to utilize an extensive variety of payment processing methods. This affords players the option to fund and withdraw their accounts via third-party payment processors, debit and credit cards, or even PayPal.

While certain platforms may not be accessible in your country, it is highly probable that you are familiar with the majority of these and may even have accounts with some of them; this will greatly simplify your online wagering experience.

Lastly, when conducting investigation on potential online wagering sites, ensure that they provide activities denominated in your local currency. The majority of sites provide games in Pounds or Euros, catering to a substantial portion of the population. Nevertheless, if you are located in a country with its own currency, we wish to prevent you from incurring unfavorable exchange rates in order to fund your account with that currency. Our evaluations of online wagering sites catering to European users detail every accepted currency.

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