Here are 5 casino games you should never play.

When you go to a casino, you’ll find literally hundreds of different games to choose from. There are literally hundreds of alternatives available if you include all the different kinds of slot machines and video poker games.



It’s simple to get confused by all the options and end up playing a game that gives the casino a significant advantage over you.


The following are the top 5 casino games that you should avoid at all costs, as recommended by me. Each of these games has a bigger house edge than the majority of those found in casinos. Following the descriptions of these five games is a brief section in which I offer some alternatives.


1 – Keno

Most casinos have a house edge of between 20 and 30 percent on keno. In terms of the advantage you provide the casino, this is the worst game you can play.


To get a feel for how awful these games are, think about how much money you’ll lose if you stake $100. Multiply $100 by the percentage to get your answer.


Here’s a case in point:


For a keno house edge of 20%, multiply by 1.For every $100 you bet, you can anticipate a loss of $20. Twenty percent becomes after shifting the decimal point to the left by two places.20.


A zero is placed after the decimal point if the percentage is less than 10%. 5% is equal to.05 plus 3.5 percent equals.035.


If you bet $10 every draw and there are 10 draws in an hour, your total wager is $100. Playing keno in this manner will result in a loss of $20 to $30 every hour.


Two, The Large Wheel

No matter what you call the giant wheel, the odds are dismal. You should avoid betting on the large wheel near the casino’s entrance.


Depending on the house odds and the number you wager on, the casino can gain an edge of 11-24% when you play the huge wheel.


There are no sane bets to be found on the wheel.


In the long run, you should expect to lose between $11 and $24 for every $100 you wager.


No. 3: Roulette with Two Zeros

Double-zero and single-zero roulette wheels, more commonly known as American roulette, provide the house an edge of over 5.2%.


You could think that’s not so bad when compared to the huge wheel or keno, but when you look at a European roulette wheel, you’ll understand why you should stay away from that game.


The zero slot on European roulette wheels is a single one. As a result, the house edge is reduced to 2.7%, or about half of the American wheel.


If you wager $100, you stand a chance of losing $2.70 on a European wheel and $5.20 on an American one.


Four: Video Poker Games That Don’t Offer Full Pay

Video poker machines of various types can be found in most gambling establishments. In many places, you can play variants of the same games.


You should get to know the finest pay tables (also known as “full pay”) and methods for each machine type.


Playing on a full pay machine can increase your chances of winning by 5 percent or more compared to using a modified pay table.


Playing only Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better is a specialty of most video poker players.


If you can find full pay machines for either of these variants, the house edge can be lowered to roughly 0.5 percent.


A house edge of 5% means a player will lose $5 for every $100 bet, whereas an edge of 0.50% means a player will lose $0.50 for every $100 bet.


Slot Machines, Number 5

Although it may come as a surprise to some, slot machines are really among the weakest games in the casino in terms of player advantage.


You should stay away from the slots because of the large house edge and the fact that you can play hundreds of spins every hour.


Slot machines can have a house edge of 2% or more (the average is 5%), and it’s usually impossible to tell which machines are the best.


If you’re willing to be nice and give the house an edge of 6% on average, you’ll still lose $6 for every $100 you bet.


Keep in mind that slot machines are typically played more quickly than any other casino game. You can easily wager $500 or more per hour at $2 per spin. Multiplying $50 an hour by 6% yields an average hourly rate of $30.


Check Out These Alternative Games

Now that you’re aware of the kind of games to avoid, I’d like to make some recommendations.


Bets and situations in blackjack, craps, baccarat, poker, and full pay video poker might be substantially less profitable for casinos than those in the aforementioned list.


Bet the pass or don’t pass line with full odds in craps, and always take the banker bet in baccarat. Together, they cut the casino’s advantage to slightly more than 1%.


Always apply the optimal fundamental strategy when playing blackjack or full pay video poker. Use a chart or card you downloaded off the internet or bought at a gift store if you don’t know the ideal method.


Can you play Texas holdem, seven-card stud, or Omaha? Instead of trying to overcome unfavorable odds, a skilled player might take advantage of them. All you have to do to win is be somewhat more skilled than the other players and offer the house a tiny portion of each pot (the “rake”).



Avoiding the aforementioned five games will provide you the best odds of winning and allow you to stretch out your gambling sessions for longer. You can now play games with better odds because you are aware of how bad the house edge is.

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